torsdag 15 oktober 2009

dears, here a very loose script of our common adventure into the deep.

an evening in 4 parts, starting in all scientific seriousness but off course we will completely loose ourselves in the end!

for every scene I wrote down keywords and loose associations which we need to visualize.

it would be great if the public could bring their own little light, so we have a lot of dancing lights when we are at our deepest :)

feel free to add stuff or to harpoon these ideas.


the tacky concept:

the deep sea is a metaphor of our inner depths.

the original plot:

we dive into the deep with our submarine, explore, discover and in the end loose ourselves.

the crew:

pinky: captain, our charismatic and eccentric leader, miss. Cousteau

alvaro: pilot, handler of the robotic arms

lennart: co-pilot, steering the submarine

nadja: chief marine biologist, keeper of the logbook

malou: head diver, catching the fish

matthias: chief technician, controller of the equipment


there are 4 stages in our deep sea adventure, each going deeper.

stage 1: surface to minus 100:


(into the self)

the introduction of the crew, wearing red hats

taking ourselves, our equipment and all our mental luggage below the surface into the sub-conscience-marine

the submarine called “desire”

testing the equipment


descending slowly into the aquatic fantasy

mirrors and water reflections

a brain with a periscope

the escape of compressed air

the cam on the robotic arm

refocusing under water

everything looks bigger than it really is

bubbles going up

the gradual disappearance of color and light


stage 2: minus 100 to minus 1000:


(of a dark nature)

getting the data, observe, discover.

the witnessing of the great adventure of lust and survival in the deep.

hide or seek

pray or partner

sex or murder

the discovery of new species, using light to deceive in the darkness.


food chain


stage 3: below minus 1000:

becoming fluid

(losing reality)

the first symptoms of nitrogen narcosis:

the loss of orientation

below and above seem irrelevant

floating and flying

bubbles going down



gradual loss of consciousness

thoughts and insights become fluid


stage 4: minus unknown:


(the loss of self)

enjoying the last symptoms of nitrogen narcosis:

the introduction of the beat

bring your own light

ignore danger and depth

dancing in the dark

with the black mermaid




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